Can I carry weapon in the flight in india_

Can I carry gun in the flight in India ?

Can I carry gun in the flight in India ?
lot of you were asking question that can we carry gun / air gun / licensed gun in flight in india so here we are happy to clear you all the procedure and help you out

Can I carry weapon in the flight in india_
Can I carry weapon in the flight in india ?

Different flights have different rules regarding carrying of the gun but here is what the basic gun law on carrying gun in flight looks like
In the case of Domestic Flights:

If you are traveling in one of the flights in India, then only bonafide passengers can carry one licensed revolver or pistol or a shotgun while traveling. He/she is also allowed to carry fifty cartridges in registered baggage after checking them at the check-in counter. Along with that, you are also required to fill a form which should be verified by the Airport Manager.

And obviously, there is a fee attached to carrying of such items i.e. INR 5000/ plus the service tax per firearm and the 50 cartridges.

If you belong to Defense forces or Paramilitary force, then you are exempt from payment of handling charge.

You are required to travel with a valid license of firearms and ammunition.
In any case Passenger cannot carry a firearm and /or ammunition on your person or in
your Cabin baggage. At the security check-point if any such item is detected in your
cabin baggage or on your person you may be criminally prosecuted. The firearm /
ammunition may be seized for investigation and if necessary used as evidence during
Passenger can carry one licensed revolver or pistol or shotgun and fifty (50) cartridges
in registered baggage after taking the following steps.
 Must declare orally or in writing about carriage of firearm/ammunition either at the
time of check-in if screening of hold-baggage is done after check-in or before
security screening of the hold-baggage if it is done prior to check-in.
If passengers fail to declare as above you may be criminally prosecuted.
 Must carry a valid license or authorization for carriage of firearm and/or
 Firearm must be unloaded and packed separately from the ammunition and
meeting all safety and security requirements
 Ammunition should not be carried in loose form and it should be in the proper

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Things to know while owing an Air Gun

Thinking to buy an air gun? Well, it is a great idea. However, a right air gun should be invited. It is quite daunting to owe a perfect air gun. Today, some tips have assembled that will let you know how to purchase a perfect Air gun:

Before purchasing an air gun, first of all, decide;

  1. Decide the purposive of the airgun

The answer to this question is quite confusing as it may be used for the combination of uses. If you are looking a gun for multi-uses, you have to determine what percentage of your shooting will be directed to each use.

The answer to this question is significant as all air guns are designed to fit certain market needs. Some are designed with a purpose of general shooting while others for competition or hunting purpose. Moreover, air gun can be used for any purpose it is up to the airgunner which one is suited best for him/her.

  1. How far should you shoot?

The air guns have designed with 4 categories such as Light, Medium, High, and Super Magnum. Among them, light powered guns are deemed to the best because these are great for plinking, target shooting and light pest control to around 35 yards. The medium powered has an ability to shoot around 50 yards. In a case of Magnum guns, it can go around 65 yards and super-magnum guns to 75-80 yards. Now it is up to you how far should you shoot.

Apart from these two critical factors, some other points should be considered:

  • Finish Quality: The term finish quality includes a shape of the stock, quality of the bluing, entire looks of the rifle, and other cosmetic factors. Therefore, deciding on the finish factors is a significant decision.
  • Type of gun:Springers and gas ram guns are two types which require heavier duty scopes as compared to PCP. However, the PCP’s seem to have high power and can be purchased by paying a less cost because they have no recoil.
  • Trigger Quality: the fact is that the trigger guns have built at the different level, trigger sensitivity as well. It is up to the air gun shooter to decide which one is required. In any circumstance, a lighter trigger pull is required, then it is suggested to compare a match gun with a match trigger.
  • Size and shape: all air guns have designed by adding the different features in term of shape and size. Some gun shooters like to have a fine wood and other expect a certain shape, size, or style. Some are lighter in weight and others are heavier. Some have break barrels, others side cockers. Before the selection process, it is recommended to clearly decide on all features.

Hence, the selection or owing an air gun is the somehow daunting process. But little efforts before purchasing an air gun will be fruitful.

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How to get a licence to use the gun in India?

Getting a gun licence in India is the somehow complicated task. It comes under the Arms Act of 1959. In India, mostly those people are supposed to use gun having a major threat towards their life.

Or this, the person has to prove that he is under a threat and this is possible only if FIR has shown. 

Steps to get the licence: 

As already said, there are numerous steps required to fulfil before getting a gun licence. Let’s have a look at these:

  • The first significant task is to post an application. One can get the form from the district superintendent of the police of the precise state it is in.
  • After getting the application for a gun licence, the police will take a look at if there are any beyond facts of any sort of crook interest and they may additionally check if the address given is accurate or now not.
  • There are a number of records accrued about the person that desires to get a gun licence, which additionally consists of asking the people within the surrounding or community if they see any kind of hostile treatment or if they have seen the individual getting involved in fights because of anger.
  • After this, the next step would be to decide if the person is mentally or physically unwell or not, the DCP does a face to face interview of the person who wants to obtain the gun license.
  • During the interview process, the main query is- why do you need a gun licence? For this, the word “Self-defence” is highly appreciated. It clears the answer why you need a gun. One can ask for a gun license if he needs a protection from the jungle animals as well.
  • Once done an interview, the DCP sends the reports to each the crime branch and the countrywide crime record bureau regarding the intention of the person willing to take a gun.

If all these steps are fulfilled and the DCP is satisfied with the relevant information, a civilian can get a gun license after this.

If selected in the interview in terms of positive intention, it takes around two months of waiting time for the gun to be received to the patron and in some cases, it could go up to three or four months primarily based on the producing gadget of a specific manufacturing unit. In any circumstance, someone wants to renew the gun license, there is a renewal form to be had for them.

In the renewal form, the patron is obligated to supply the weapon with the gun license, alongside all of the other documents which they’d already attested at the time of having their gun license.

Now, after getting the gun license, the customer obviously have to contact the dealer for the procurement of the gun.

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Feeling confused! How to clean your rifles?

All Mechanical devices are considered to be cleaned regularly. In this same way, gun using for a long time need some maintenance. This process calls firearms which always require a good cleaning and lubrication once used for some time.

Let’s have a look at some basic steps which every gun holder can conduct:

Step #1 Unload and withdraw Bolt

The first step involves in cleaning out your gun is to unload and remove a bolt. If it is your first-time trial, make sure to go through all the specific gun model instructions.

Moreover, withdraw clips and take away the bolt in a rifle. Then clean it with a brush,  dry off, and lightly lube the bolt.  While doing this step, ensure you clean the extractor and ejector as well with the brush.

Step #2 Swap and wipe Bore

After carefully performing the first step, the next will be cleaning of a bore. For this, set the bolt aside and start cleaning from a chamber. It is suggested to only run a cleaning rod with the attached bronze brush soaked in gun solvent down the barrel and out the muzzle.  Once done, repeat this same step to other dirty barrels.

Step #3 Sponge Bore

Now the next one is to run the solvent soaked bronze brush down the barrel again many times to unstick the gunk in the barrel.  For this, it is suggested to unscrew the brush at the muzzle at every stroke of the cleaning rod despite pulling it back up and out the chamber.  Repeat this step again and again. As per the words of professional hunters, most hunting guns needs to least 25 strokes of a brush.

Step #4 Operate Bore with Patches

The next one is to operate numerous solvent soaked patches down the barrel and out the muzzle end.  This is a significant step and does until you are satisfied with the relative cleanliness of the patch. It should be noted that this area will never get white, however, if you still noticing the black effects in term of green and blue colour, keep cleaning it.

Still, if you feel dissatisfied, you are recommended to soak the barrel again for some time and then brush again. If you expect to finish this step earlier, try to use an effective bore cleaning tool of a rifle.

Step #5 Apply an effective Lubrication

The fact is that rifles don’t expect to perform well by adding some oil. To experience a perfect swabbing and scrubbing, one should need an effective coat of rust prevention lubrication. For this, just take a soft cotton cloth and wipe out all the metal surfaces of the gun.  Applying an effective lubrication means you are giving a good supplement to it which will endow it to work effectively.

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Some do’s and don’ts while handling shooting air guns and pistols

  • Wear proper protective gears like eye glasses and ear protectors while shooting. Hearing protectors enhances concentration on the line as it reduces distracting noises while performing.

  • Using the projectiles which matches the gun should be followed. Violating this safety rule could be hazardous.
  • A proper knowledge of using the gun should be attained. The shooter must be fully aware about how the gun operates. He or she should know the process of loading and unloading and also cleaning the guns. Similarly, the instructor should be familiar with all SOPs and know the manual instructions of the gun thoroughly. A demonstration can be given to the trainers in a proper manner. This way, young minds will always capture right techniques and rules to use the guns.
  • Shooters must make sure that the guns they are using for shooting are safe to operate. Their regular maintenance and cleaning should be taken care of. All changes in the sound, recoil and operation occurring while firing should be noted and acted upon accordingly.
  • No use of alcohol or drugs should be encouraged before or while shooting. Guns or pistols are not toys and should be given respect in all terms. Consuming alcohol or any other substance might impair physical or bodily functions and therefore should be prohibited.
  • The storage of guns should be such that those are not accessible to unauthorized persons such as children and untrained persons. There are many kinds of cases, safes and secured devices to store guns securely. The owner of air guns is only responsible for safekeeping of the products.
  • Some kinds of guns and pistols may require additional precautions for safety. Following suitable usage and unloading practices will help users to be risk free.
  • One great idea to be safe while handling guns is to clearly mark the gun case outer covering with an arrow that can indicate the which direction the gun inside is pointing. While opening the case, it is easy to identify.
  • While holding a gun, a gun should never be pointed at anyone. It should be held vertically with the muzzle pointing above head and at upper level.
  • Fingers should be kept off the trigger of the guns until the shooter is ready to use it for shooting.
  • Cocking and loading steps should be performed safely and with following rules.
  • There are different methods for cocking and loading air pistols and air guns such as spring piston, single or multi pump, Co2 and compressed air. The owners’ manual should be read and followed to operate it smoothly.

An adult supervision and training is necessary to handle all kinds of guns. Without taking careful steps, one should not go beyond seeing the guns. Well trained instructors and practitioners make use of the guns in their daily lives. It seems easy when we see them shoot but it is not everyone’s cup of tea of make use of guns, rifles or pistols. These are technical and we should always be cautious while using these.

Safety practices while shooting air guns

There are several related safety measures and specific attitude, knowledge and skills which are required to conduct shooting. An adult supervision is the key element while letting youngsters and children practice shooting through air guns and pistols. Certain rules should also be followed and a regular practice will enable a perfect action during shooting. One should adapt safety through proper procedure, policies and practices. If anyone wants to gain the most basic skills or he or she wants to become a certified safety instructor, officer or a shooting coach, the training should be taken to learn and increase knowledge of shooting sports. A proper understanding of sir gun safety will help gain smooth functioning of operations while shooting. Let’s get through the following safety rules:

  • Never consider an air pistol or gun a toy. These should be treated with a respect and with safe hands. No ignorance or carelessness is accepted while handling these equipments. A lack of knowledge of safety and operation can be really risky. So, beware of carelessness and always be alert while handling.
  • The primary rule is to keep gun pointed in a safe direction. It means that the gun should be pointed in such a manner that it would cause no injury or damage when it was to be operated. The position where finger is kept off the trigger until ready to shoot is also a safe style of holding a gun. The finger can be rested along the side of the gun or also outside the trigger guard. Not touching the trigger until ready firing is one of the safest approach.

  • Keeping the gun unloaded until ready to use is a safe step. Whenever a gun is picked up, one can keep the finger off the trigger and if there is any magazine in the gun, removing it before any further action will help keep a safe distance from accidents. If one is unaware of the opening action and inspection of chamber, then the gun should be kept alone and help should be taken from someone who is an expertise. One can check the gun’s state and then further steps can be taken gradually. Setting an example by religiously following these safety measures by shooters will help the practitioner to learn and adopt correct behavior while gun handling.
  • Now, a safe step while handling a gun to the other person should be followed. Here, all above three rules should be followed simultaneously. The gun should be accepted from another person only if the magazine is out, its action open and the chamber is empty.
  • One should be aware of the target and what lies beyond that. All standing operating procedures should be applied regarding the targets and their distances. The types and calibers of the guns which can be used should be inspected before use.

Wearing proper eye and ear protection while using guns to shoot is very essential as debris and gas emission through guns can be injurious to eyes and ears. Sound also affects ears and gun air rifles can produce enough noise pressure.

Ammunitions used in air pistol or air guns

There are different kinds of ammunition, namely bullets and shells, which are used in air pistols. Let us know about the different ammunitions which are popularly used in air guns or pistols:

Pellet: These are small sized ammunition which are used in rifled air pistols and one of the most popular ones is the wasp-waisted pellet which is diabolo shaped. There are two sections of the pellet: named as head and skirt. The head consists of the center of mass and can be flat, round, conical and pitted, also known as wadcutter, domed, pointed and hollow point shaped respectively. The skirt is a hollow and thin walled portion positioned at rear and it can expand and fully engage the bore thereby providing a good sealing. Therefore there is a maximal efficiency in pellet shooting.

There are more powerful pellets than the others and the slug shaped or cylindrical pellets which are recently manufactured are used for powerful PCP air rifles and guns. These are believed to have greater contact surface with a bore, and hence the slugs need greater force to overcome friction. These have better aerodynamics and long lasting effectiveness as well.

BB: These are second category of the ammunition for guns and pistols, which are usually made of steel and coated with copper and nickel. It appears like a small metallic ball and is 4.5 mm /.177” diameter. These are great for short distances shooting and BB guns having smooth bore barrels make use of these very efficiently. Normally, BBs are used for indoor practicing, casual outdoor activities, training children, or for air pistol enthusiasts who like to put into practice, but cannot have the funds for high-powered air gun systems that require pellets. Some shot gunners also make use of sightless BB guns to train in natural shooting. The steel of BBs is very hard and therefore cannot be used for rifled barrels.

Arrows and darts: These were used in the early period and were very popular as these can be reused multiple times. There are several kinds which can be used in air guns. However, it is not recommended to be used in spring powered air guns or rifled bores. The modern air guns also make use of arrows for shooting and these are crafted with a hollow shaft which is opened in the rear position. During shooting of these ammunition, a high pressure is released from the barrel when triggered. Thus, the arrow shaft pushes the arrow forward. These are highly precise and retain consistency. However, the setup is expensive to take care and maintain.

The guns that make use of darts in shooting are called dart guns or tranquilizer guns. Tranquilizer guns are named so because darts used in the guns are loaded with anesthetic or tranquilizer compounds.

Besides the ammunition, there are different sizes and calibers of air guns and the usage depends upon the kind of air guns or rifles which are used for shooting.

Be enlightened about different kinds of air pistols

Shooting is so fascinating and people who are well trained and skilled at it passionately follow it. There are many sectors where air gun or air pistols are made use of and these give many uses. Air pistols are very useful for sports and security sectors. These are made use by professional people and these people also give an opportunity for other people to admire them and practice the act of shooting at training centers as well as military camps, etc. Many young boys and girls can experience shooting guns and pistols through schools and colleges that participate in various activities.

Whether someone is a beginner or a competitor air pistol shooter, they can find the right place through online sources to find the right gun at the best prices. Air pistols or guns are available for all level of shooters, just they need is to browse a large collection of air gun products and find the suitable one for themselves. There are various kinds of air pistols and one can make a choice according to the need. Following are the various kinds of air pistols one should be fully aware of:

  • Spring-piston air pistols: These also refer to spring guns and operate with the help of coil spring loaded piston pump that contains a compression chamber separated from the barrel of the gun. Its operation begins when the trigger disengages the sear after pulling of piston. The effort needs to be put in the cocking stroke and it depends on the different designs of the gun. The mechanisms involved in cocking spring guns are break barrel, under lever, side lever, over lever and motorized cocking with rechargeable battery.

  • CO2 or CG (compressed gas) guns: These utilize prefilled removable gas cylinders as the source for power and especially bottled carbon dioxide. The ammunition is inexpensive for this kind of gun and therefore is widely used for training and is safe to use. No other facilities are required for safety purpose. These are liked by many people as people find great fun to use these pistols. One 12 gram CO2 cartridge can enable 40 to 60 shots.

  • PCP or Pre-charged pneumatic air pistols: These have an internal reservoir which is filled from a diving cylinder, scuba tank or hand pump and remain pressurized until shooting activity is over after certain repetitions. Unregulated and regulated PCP guns are the two types which fall in this category. These produce higher velocities also than the strength of sound and have consistent energy. These are mostly used for target shooting and pest control.

  • Pump pneumatic air pistols: These kinds of guns use a lever-operated air pump for pressurizing internal reservoir. With this, the guns discharge the stored air during shooting and these can be of various types including single stroke and multiple stroke guns. In the single stroke guns, a single motion of cocking lever is enough to compress the air whereas the later requires multiple pumping.

Let us know some interesting facts about air pistols

What is air gun or air pistol?

Any kind of gun which makes use of compressed air or other kind of gases to pneumatically launch projectiles is known as air gun or pistol. It happens because the games are pressurized mechanically with no involvement of chemical reactions.

How is it different from firearm?

A firearm relies on a process of deflagration which is exothermic chemical oxidation of combustible propellant thereby generating propulsive energy.

What does air pistol makes use of?

All kinds of air pistol and air rifle including the handgun and the long gun forms typically makes use of metallic projectiles which are known by the name of BBS called spherical shots and pellets in the shape of diabolo. Certain kinds of air guns, especially rifles propel arrows or darts.

Development of first air pistols and their usage

These were developed in the early 1500s. Used for different purposes like sporting, warfare and hunting, these air guns or pistols were of high importance.

Modern Air pistols

These make use of different types of power source according to the design of the pistols. These can be operated as pneumatic, spring-piston and bottled compressed gas or CO2.

Benefits in military operations

The air guns or pistols are of great importance to the skilled military soldiers. Different nations make use of this instrument as a strong weapon for the defense with their opponents to ultimately protect their homelands. Air guns can be easily discharge in conditions like rain and wet areas.

Other major uses

The air guns or pistols are used for various purposes such as pest control, hunting, plinking or recreational shooting as well as competitive sports where people participate in air rifles shooting and air pistol events. The competition is based upon the target shooting and winners are chosen who reaches the nearest to the target.

Risks associated

It is not everyone’s cup of tea to make use of air gun or air pistol. A high skill and a trained action is required to make use of it. Historical air guns have been utilized for warfare, however, modern air guns can be deadly and be a cause of death. Everyone doesn’t get a license to keep it with self or operate it.

Different varieties of air pistol

There are different designs of air guns or pistols available today. One can find a suitable source to buy it. People can also look for online websites to make purchasing where they get good deals and information about each of the equipment required for shooting. Many imported air guns, cheap air rifles, revolver and pistols can be bought through Indian websites too. Many cool looking and stylish air guns are available at reasonable prices. Mostly in black and brown color combination, air pistols are of great finish and looks.

Avail online opportunity

It is great option to get air gun or air pistol online through a trusted website which ships you the product timely and securely.