Some do’s and don’ts while handling shooting air guns and pistols

  • Wear proper protective gears like eye glasses and ear protectors while shooting. Hearing protectors enhances concentration on the line as it reduces distracting noises while performing.

  • Using the projectiles which matches the gun should be followed. Violating this safety rule could be hazardous.
  • A proper knowledge of using the gun should be attained. The shooter must be fully aware about how the gun operates. He or she should know the process of loading and unloading and also cleaning the guns. Similarly, the instructor should be familiar with all SOPs and know the manual instructions of the gun thoroughly. A demonstration can be given to the trainers in a proper manner. This way, young minds will always capture right techniques and rules to use the guns.
  • Shooters must make sure that the guns they are using for shooting are safe to operate. Their regular maintenance and cleaning should be taken care of. All changes in the sound, recoil and operation occurring while firing should be noted and acted upon accordingly.
  • No use of alcohol or drugs should be encouraged before or while shooting. Guns or pistols are not toys and should be given respect in all terms. Consuming alcohol or any other substance might impair physical or bodily functions and therefore should be prohibited.
  • The storage of guns should be such that those are not accessible to unauthorized persons such as children and untrained persons. There are many kinds of cases, safes and secured devices to store guns securely. The owner of air guns is only responsible for safekeeping of the products.
  • Some kinds of guns and pistols may require additional precautions for safety. Following suitable usage and unloading practices will help users to be risk free.
  • One great idea to be safe while handling guns is to clearly mark the gun case outer covering with an arrow that can indicate the which direction the gun inside is pointing. While opening the case, it is easy to identify.
  • While holding a gun, a gun should never be pointed at anyone. It should be held vertically with the muzzle pointing above head and at upper level.
  • Fingers should be kept off the trigger of the guns until the shooter is ready to use it for shooting.
  • Cocking and loading steps should be performed safely and with following rules.
  • There are different methods for cocking and loading air pistols and air guns such as spring piston, single or multi pump, Co2 and compressed air. The owners’ manual should be read and followed to operate it smoothly.

An adult supervision and training is necessary to handle all kinds of guns. Without taking careful steps, one should not go beyond seeing the guns. Well trained instructors and practitioners make use of the guns in their daily lives. It seems easy when we see them shoot but it is not everyone’s cup of tea of make use of guns, rifles or pistols. These are technical and we should always be cautious while using these.

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