Webley Mark VI CO2 BB REVOLVER by Airsoft Gun India

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Just when you thought there couldn’t be another great firearm replica, along comes this one!

The iconic Webley Mark VI revolver was a mainstay for British troops during WWI. In fact, you’ve probably seen the firearm in movies such as “Lawrence of Arabia,” “Khartoum,” Indiana Jones series, “Zulu” and “Zulu Dawn.”

Put your CO2 pistol next to the firearm, and you’ll be hard-pressed to tell them apart.

  1. Both guns use cartridge shells.
  2. The BB gun’s shells are marked .455 — a reference to the firearm caliber.
  3. Both guns field-strip the same way!
  4. Shells in both guns eject the same way.
  5. The lanyard loop on the BB gun does double duty as the tightening screw to help properly pierce the CO2 cartridge.

Of course, you don’t have to own the firearm to enjoy the Webley Mark VI CO2 BB gun. This replica pistol is a joy to shoot because it copies the firearm, which was highly revered by British soldiers who carried it in the Great War.

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