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we know you guys are in shock that blank gun now require a fire arms license in india . i know its a big shock for everyone that how come this blank gun which are used in movie , films , video shoot that does not shoot any projectile can be harmful and require any kind of license.

Apparently government thinks that people can use it for illegal activity or to scare someone , which we doubt like most of the people buying blank gun because if they want they can do it with real gun or any other thing .

Now which means any one having blank gun is holding something illegal or dangerous which was not earlier but now it is thanks to new rule and now you are worried , we are worried and every one is worried.

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No one has a right clue on how to apply license for blank gun in india to the shock some RTI even suggest that that rule havent been passed yet but still we will recommend you for applying for license of blank gun and if someone says you dont need a license make sure you take it in written make sure you do it in written when we inquired we were inform that you dont need license and then other official started harassing us so take it in written .

Most people dont know how to apply actually no one is clear how to apply for blank gun license in india

Here is something that can help you out

You basically need to fill form A in SCHEDULE-III which basically is a form for applying arms license for individuals or you can go to your local court or district magistrate office , district superintendent of the police and buy the form it actually cost around 10-20 rupees

Once you submit your form they will do background check on you , check your pending case , ask your surrounding people.

Then you will be called for personal interview by DCP or the licensing authority to see if you are physically fit and mentally stable.

Main question generally is why on earth do you need a gun ? for the blank gun they will ask the same to you guys.

Here is what most of the people who buy for film shoot , TV show , photo shoot will say for their work, for other you need to prepare your answer why you need it , our advise is be very much honest about it.

I know it stupid that you need to license to keep a fake gun for hobby but then that what we call license Raj.

That how to apply for license and then obviously you can buy a gun.

we are trying to set up a team once we gets operational for helping people in licensing procedure but then 1st we need to be operational and functional and get our license.

Have fun share it as sharing is caring.

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