Blank Gun , Starter Pistol , Dummy Gun is now avilable online in India

Blank gun , dummy gun ,starter pistol , prop gun , movie gun , 9mm blank pistol and revolver are now avilable in india

This blank gun are imported replica of real gun and are non dangerous they are used in movie and film , blank gun and replica gun is used in film to give illusion that real gun is used

blank or dummy gun is also used as starter pistol its fired to start a game or sports

blank gun and replica gun make sound just like real gun

earlier getting blank gun in india was way to expensive now airsoft gun india has made blank gun easy for everyone its home delivered.

To know more about airsoft gun india blank gun visit

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nikul Gahelot

Hii I’m interested to buy gun


We would like to purchase the blank gun, starter pistol. We need it for a stage performance. Please kindly indicate price and how we can order this.


Jill Navarre,

Sandeep kumat

Very nice gun

Sandeep kumat

Real gun & very nice gun

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