Dan Wesson 2.5 Inch BB .177Cal, 4.5mm Co2 Air Revolver By Airsoft Gun India

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The Dan Wesson 2.5" CO2 BB Revolver in Silver is a realistic and enjoyable option for shooting enthusiasts. With its authentic design, textured grips, and 6-round BB cylinder, this revolver offers double and single-action capabilities. Including manual safety, adjustable rear sight, and detachable Weaver rail makes it a versatile and user-friendly choice. Whether you're into plinking or enjoy shooting without needing a range, this revolver provides a satisfying experience.
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Detailed Introduction:
The Dan Wesson 2.5" CO2 BB Revolver is a standout choice for those who appreciate snub-nose revolvers and desire a realistic shooting experience. With its silver-colored frame and cylinder, it closely resembles a real firearm, making it a visually appealing option for enthusiasts and collectors alike. The revolver features a 2.5" smooth bore barrel, providing decent accuracy at practical shooting distances. Its textured grips ensure a comfortable and secure hold during shooting, enhancing overall control and precision.

This CO2-powered revolver operates on 12-gram CO2 cartridges, easily accessible and replaceable for uninterrupted shooting sessions. Its 6-round BB cylinder, reminiscent of a classic revolver, adds to the authenticity and convenience of use. The revolver functions in both double-action and single-action modes, allowing users to choose their preferred shooting style. Safety is a paramount concern, and the Dan Wesson revolver incorporates a manual safety feature. However, it is important to note that safety will not engage when the gun is cocked. To activate the safety, the gun must be uncocked, preventing accidental discharges when the safety is engaged in a cocked position.

Specification Table:

Specification Data
Caliber 0.177" (4.5mm)
Max Velocity 318 fps
Stock Synthetic
Grip Ambi
Loudness 4-Medium-High
Barrel Length 2.5"
Overall Length 8.27"
Shot Capacity 6
Barrel Smooth bore
Front Sight Blade
Rear Sight Adjustable
Scopeable Weaver mounts
Buttplate None
Suggested Use                Plinking/Fun
Action Revolver
Safety Manual
Powerplant CO2
Function Repeater
Trigger Action Double-Action & SA   
Material Metal/ABS plastic
Body Type Pistol
Weight 1.65 lbs

Detailed Paragraph with Explanation:
The Dan Wesson CO2 BB Revolver stands out for its attention to detail and user-friendly features. The inclusion of both double-action and single-action modes offers versatility in shooting experiences. In double-action, the shooter can simply pull the trigger to rotate the cylinder and fire the BB, providing a smooth and rapid shooting experience. On the other hand, the single-action mode allows the hammer to be manually cocked for precise shots, giving the shooter better control over their aim. The adjustable rear sight further enhances accuracy by allowing shooters to fine-tune windage and elevation settings to match their preferences and shooting conditions.

The revolver's 6-round BB cylinder is designed to closely resemble real firearm cartridges, adding to the revolver's authentic look and feel. To load the gun, each of the six shells needs to be loaded with a single steel BB and then inserted into the cylinder. The provided speedloader is a valuable accessory that makes reloading quicker and more efficient, ensuring less downtime and more time spent shooting.

Regarding safety, the manual safety feature is a welcome addition, providing an extra layer of precaution during handling and transportation. However, users must remember that manual safety will not engage if the gun is cocked, which means that when cocked, the gun remains ready to fire even with the safety engaged. This aspect requires extra attention from the shooter to ensure safe handling and operation.


  • Realistic and visually appealing design
  • Double-action and single-action modes for shooting versatility
  • Adjustable rear sight for improved accuracy
  • Included speedloader for fast and efficient reloading
  • Manual safety adds an extra layer of precaution
  • Textured grips offer a comfortable and secure hold
  • CO2 power source ensures consistent performance


  • The safety cannot be engaged while the gun is cocked, requiring extra caution during handling
  • Limited maximum velocity of 318 fps, suitable primarily for close-range shooting
  • A smooth bore barrel may limit long-range accuracy

The Dan Wesson 2.5" CO2 BB Revolver in Silver provides shooting enthusiasts with an authentic and enjoyable shooting experience. With its attention to detail, realistic appearance, and textured grips, it offers a comfortable and secure hold for users. The revolver's double-action and single-action capabilities, along with the adjustable rear sight, contribute to its versatility and shooting precision. However, users must exercise caution with manual safety, as it cannot be engaged when the gun is cocked. Responsible handling and adherence to safety guidelines are essential for a safe shooting experience.


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