Using guns for a long period results in a high volume of rust. Guns designed by using the metal objects often catch a lot of risks. It results in the reduction of finish and even gets added over ti
Do you like to shoot an air rifle in a perfect way? There are very simple steps that help you in targeting easily and rewarding yourself expertise. Choose the rifle that suits you
There are several related safety measures and specific attitude, knowledge and skills which are required to conduct shooting. An adult supervision is the key element while letting youngsters and ch
Wear proper protective gears like eye glasses and ear protectors while shooting. Hearing protectors enhances concentration on the line as it reduces distracting noises while performing.
All Mechanical devices are considered to be cleaned regularly. In this same way, gun using for a long time need some maintenance. This process calls firearms which always require a good cleaning an
Thinking to buy an air gun? Well, it is a great idea. However, a right air gun should be invited. It is quite daunting to owe a perfect air gun. Today, some tips have assembled that will let you kn
Getting a gun licence in India is the somehow complicated task. It comes under the Arms Act of 1959. In India, mostly those people are supposed to use gun having a major threat towards their life.
What is air gun or air pistol? Any kind of gun which makes use of compressed air or other kind of gases to pneumatically launch projectiles is known as air gun or pistol.
Shooting is so fascinating and people who are well trained and skilled at it passionately follow it. There are many sectors where air gun or air pistols are made use of and these give many uses. Ai
There are different kinds of ammunition, namely bullets and shells, which are used in air pistols. Let us know about the different ammunitions which are popularly used in air guns or pistols: