Blank gun , dummy gun ,starter pistol , prop gun , movie gun , 9mm blank pistol and revolver are now avilable in india This blank gun are imported replica of real gun and are non dangerou
Guys here is a news that we are sad to inform but you should know it that there are lot of changes in guns law in india and one of that is now blank gun will need license No matter whom y
Hi guys we know you guys are in shock that blank gun now require a fire arms license in india . i know its a big shock for everyone that how come this blank gun which are used in movie ,
we At Air soft gun India is presenting you a unique and master piece proudly made in India a royal feel non firing gun . This non firing replica gun is available for sale at your door step ,
Can I carry gun in the flight in India ? lot of you were asking question that can we carry gun / air gun / licensed gun in flight in india so here we are happy to clear you