Beretta M9 Camo Style Automatic Electric Gel Blaster By Airsoft Gun India

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Beretta M9 Camo Style Automatic Electric Gel Blaster by Airsoft Gun India

The Beretta M9 Camo Style Automatic Electric Gel Blaster is the ultimate toy of the year, providing high playability, safety, and eco-friendliness. Upgraded with an automatic mode, it offers enhanced stability and an extended shooting range, making outdoor shooting games an exhilarating experience. Fully equipped with water gel balls and accessories, this blaster promises unlimited fun and excitement for players aged 12 and above.

Beretta M9 Camo Style Automatic Electric Gel Blaster by Airsoft Gun India

Product Description:
Experience the epitome of toy greatness with the Beretta M9 Camo Style Automatic Electric Gel Blaster by Airsoft Gun India. Elevating playtime, this upgraded gel ball blaster is the pinnacle of excitement. Not only is it safe, eco-friendly, and rechargeable, but it offers unparalleled playability. With a plethora of gel balls and an array of accessories, this blaster guarantees endless fun, urging you to invite friends for an exhilarating outdoor shooting game.

Upgraded for Automatic Excellence:
The spatter ball blaster ensures seamless speed and fluency in your shooting adventures. Engine stability and performance have been enhanced, providing a more stable and prolonged shooting experience. Surpassing others, it boasts 1.5 times the shooting range, reaching an impressive 80 feet, giving you a distinct advantage in thrilling shooting game battles.

Fully Loaded with Water Gel Balls:
Unleash the excitement with the gel ball blaster toy package, complete with goggles and customizable accessories. Revel in the joy of 1000 rounds of water-filled gel balls, allowing for an abundance of happiness during your play sessions.

Safety First Instructions:
Tailored for those aged 12 and above, this splatter ball blaster automatic prioritizes safety. Equipped with essential safety goggles, the water gun necessitates hydrogel balls to be soaked in water for 3-4 hours before commencing gameplay.

A Toy for Everyone:
More than just a toy for boys, this shooting game delight is suitable for all ages, making it an ideal choice for birthdays, Christmas, or other holiday gifts. Embrace the excitement and join in for an unforgettable Western showdown.

Ammo: It uses 7-8mm gell/ crystal water balls as its ammo, not sponge bullets.
Cryval bullets (Use the original given gel balls to be soaked with pure water for 4 hours or more. Shake the magazine at the time of use, for the ammo's alignment to be pushed into the chamber.
Sometime's bb may get damaged before coming out of the barrel as its gell water balls, not plastic balls.

Made in China

Technical Specifications:

Batteries Required: Yes

Batteries Included: 1 Lithium Ion battery (included)

Ammo Material: Gel

Gun Material: Plastic

Color: Red

Size: 38cm Length, 7cm Breadth

Item Weight: 335 g

Recommended Age: 12 years and above


Recommended for ages 12 and above

Charge the battery for a minimum of 4 hours

Ensure the gel balls are soaked for 4 hours or more for optimal hydration

Avoid firing the gel blaster at people or animals

Always wear safety glasses when using the Gel ball Blaster

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