HIGH PRECISION .177 Cal Diabolo Pellet By Airsoft Gun India

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HIGH PRECISION | .177 Cal Diabolo Pellet By Airsoft Gun India.

Upgrade your shooting experience with HIGH PRECISION Diabolo Pellets, available in .177 cal (4.5 mm) at Airsoft Gun India. Achieve unparalleled accuracy and consistency in your shots with these premium pellets.
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HIGH PRECISION | .177 Cal Diabolo Pellet By Airsoft Gun India.

Calibre :  .177 Cal, 4,5 mm
Bullet weight: 0.45 g
Diameter of head: 4.50 mm
Bullet length: 5.20 mm
Quantity: 500 Pcs

Enhance your shooting performance with the ultimate precision offered by HIGH PRECISION Diabolo Pellets, now available at Kiehberg. Crafted to deliver exceptional accuracy and consistency, these pellets are designed for .177 cal (4.5 mm) air rifles and air pistols.

Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, these pellets undergo rigorous quality control measures to ensure uniformity in weight and shape. The result is a pellet that delivers tight groupings and exceptional shot-to-shot consistency, making it an ideal choice for both target shooting and competitive sports.

The HIGH PRECISION Diabolo Pellets boast a streamlined design that optimizes aerodynamics, minimizing drag and maximizing stability during flight. This design, combined with the pellets' consistent manufacturing, translates to improved trajectory and increased hitting power.

Whether you're a seasoned marksman or a shooting enthusiast, these pellets offer the accuracy and reliability needed to elevate your shooting prowess. Invest in HIGH PRECISION Diabolo Pellets and experience a new level of precision and performance with every shot.


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