New Tiger SMG Wood .177 Indian Air Pistol By Airsoft Gun India

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New Tiger SMG Wood .177 Indian Air Pistol By Airsoft Gun India 

It's an Indian-made Single-shot .177 Caliber / 4.5 mm Air pistol, that uses .177 Indian pellets as ammo.
Ammo: .177 Caliber Pellets
Range: 10 Meters Approx
ID/ Address Proof is mandatory for purchasing

New Tiger SMG Wood .177 Indian Air Pistol By Airsoft Gun India 

Welcome to the world of precision and power with the New Tiger SMG Wood .177 Indian Air Pistol – a remarkable piece of engineering that combines classic aesthetics with cutting-edge performance. Crafted for enthusiasts and professionals alike, this single-shot air pistol promises an unparalleled shooting experience.

Key Features:

1. Name: New Tiger SMG Wood .177 Indian Air Pistol
2. Caliber: .177 (4.5mm)
3. Ammo: .177 Caliber Pellets
4. Range: Approximately 10 Meters
5. Identification Requirement: ID/Address Proof mandatory for purchasing
6. Finishing: Moderate, striking a balance between style and functionality
7. Type: Single-shot Air Pistol
8. Material: Constructed with a blend of high-quality metal and wood
9. Usage: Ideal for crop protection and target practice
10. Skill Enhancement: Improves eye-sight and targeting skills


Precision in Every Shot:
The New Tiger SMG Wood .177 Indian Air Pistol is designed for accuracy. With a caliber of .177 (4.5mm) and the ability to fire .177 caliber pellets, this air pistol ensures that every shot is precise and impactful. The single-shot mechanism adds an element of control, allowing shooters to focus on their target with utmost concentration.


Range and Versatility:
Whether you're honing your skills in a controlled environment or engaged in crop protection, this air pistol boasts a range of approximately 10 meters, making it versatile for various applications. It's a tool that adapts to your needs, providing consistent performance across different scenarios.


Quality Construction:
Crafted with a combination of metal and wood, the New Tiger SMG Wood .177 Indian Air Pistol stands out not only for its performance but also for its classic aesthetic appeal. The moderate finishing strikes the perfect balance, ensuring durability while exuding a timeless charm.

Legal Compliance:
For the purchase of this air pistol, we adhere to stringent guidelines. A mandatory ID/Address Proof is required, to ensure responsible ownership and usage.


Skill Development:
Beyond its functional attributes, this air pistol serves as a tool for skill enhancement. Engaging in target practice with the New Tiger SMG Wood .177 Indian Air Pistol not only sharpens your marksmanship but also improves eye-sight and targeting skills, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and seasoned shooters.


Embrace the perfect blend of tradition and innovation with the New Tiger SMG Wood .177 Indian Air Pistol. Elevate your shooting experience, enhance your skills, and make every shot count. Purchase yours today and step into a world where precision meets elegance.


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