Pump Action Airsoft Shot Gun By Airsoft Gun India

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Pump action Airsoft shot gun by Airsoft gun india 
weight - 345 gm
Length - 64 cm

Pump action Airsoft shot gun by Airsoft gun india 

Reliability and functionality are what makes a Pump Action Shotgun become iconic this is a plastic made Airsoft gun toy Shot gun its fun to shoot and you will love it for sure .Its shoots plastic bb .
There are 3 types of different airsoft guns. Electric, gas, and spring powered guns. This here is a spring powered airsoft shotgun. It does not require any batteries or gas to operate. All you simply need to do is cock the airsoft gun by pulling the pump action back and you are ready to fire. Just cock and shoot for each shot. This Pump action  is a pistol grip shotgun with  stock. It also does not require you to have any magazine or shells as you can just load it with BBs through the top trapdoor. It is constructed from lightweight plastic to make it easy to carry and can fire up to 300 FPS depending on the weight of the BBs used. This is a great airsoft shotgun to pick up for some beginners or casual players. A great choice for some backyard target practicing as well. Come order yours today!

Bullet type  plastic ball
Capacity More Than 100 BB 
Action Type Pump
Forend Type/ Colour Polymer/ Black
Stock Type/ Colour Polymer/ Black
Receiver Plastic
Finish Black 
Barrel Material Plastic
Trigger Plastic 
Safety no 
Barrel Length 25 cm 
Overall Length 64 cm 
Weight 345gm 


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