SIG Sauer P320 CO2 Black .177 Cal, 4.5mm Co2 Pellet Air Pistol

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SIG Sauer P320 CO2 Black  .177 Cal, 4.5mm Co2 Pellet Air Pistol.

Caliber .177 (4.5mm)
Max Velocity     380 fps
Stock Synthetic
Color Black

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SIG Sauer P320 CO2 Black  .177 Cal, 4.5mm Co2 Pellet Air Pistol.

Introducing the SIG Sauer P320 CO2 Black .177 Cal, 4.5mm Pellet Air Pistol – a game-changer in the world of CO2 air pistols. Unveiled at SHOT Show 2017, this 30-shot repeater is a testament to SIG Sauer's dedication to pushing boundaries.

Built with a sturdy metal slide and polymer frame, the P320 stands out as the first belt-fed semi-automatic pistol with a 30-round capacity. Experience a realistic blowback as it fires .177 pellets at speeds up to 380fps, depending on pellet weight and composition. The 12-gram CO2 cartridge discreetly housed in the grip ensures hours of shooting fun.

At 8.0" in overall length and weighing 1.81 lbs, the P320 provides an authentic feel with a 6.0 lbs trigger pull. Perfect for extended plinking sessions, it's recommended for recreational shooting. The rifled barrel, fixed front and rear sights, and Weaver accessory rail for attachments add versatility.

Recently chosen by the US Army to replace the Beretta M9, the P320 serves as the standard issue sidearm, ensuring its action in various situations. Maintaining an authentic trigger pull, this replica caters to owners and enthusiasts of the real pistol, offering a cost-effective shooting experience.

With a generous 30-round capacity and the ability to fire rapidly, the SIG Sauer P320 is the air pistol enthusiasts have been waiting for – a perfect blend of realism, functionality, and excitement.


1. Impressive Capacity: Boasting a 30-round capacity, the P320 sets a new standard for CO2 air pistols, providing an extended shooting experience without constant reloads.

2. Realistic Blowback: Enjoy a lifelike shooting experience with the realistic blowback feature, enhancing the overall feel of using this air pistol.

3. Versatile Weaver Rail: The inclusion of a Weaver accessory rail allows users to easily attach flashlights or laser sights, adding versatility to your shooting setup.

4. US Army's Choice: Recently selected by the US Army as the replacement for the Beretta M9, the P320 solidifies its reputation as a reliable and trusted sidearm for various applications.

5. Cost-Effective Shooting: Mimicking the real gun's trigger pull, this replica provides a cost-effective alternative for owners and fans of the authentic Sig Sauer P320.

6. Generous Shot Velocity: With a max velocity of 380 fps, this air pistol delivers satisfying shot speeds, making it suitable for various shooting activities.

- Max Velocity: 380 fps
- Overall Length: 8.0"
- Weight: 1.81 lbs
- Trigger Pull: 6.0 lbs
- Caliber: .177 (4.5mm)
- Shot Capacity: 30
- Barrel Length: 4.6"
- Barrel: Rifled
- Front Sight: Blade
- Rear Sight: Fixed
- Action: Semiautomatic
- Powerplant: CO2
- Blowback: Yes
- Max Shots per Fill: 60
- Material: Metal/ABS plastic
- Body Type: Pistol
- Fixed/Adj. Power: Fixed


The SIG Sauer P320 CO2 Black .177 Cal, 4.5mm Pellet Air Pistol stands out as a pioneer in its category, combining innovation with practical features. Its remarkable 30-round capacity, realistic blowback, and versatility with the Weaver rail make it an appealing choice for recreational shooters and enthusiasts alike. The US Army's selection further attests to its reliability and performance in various scenarios. With a cost-effective approach to replicating the real gun's feel, the P320 offers an exciting and extended shooting experience. Whether you're a fan of the authentic P320 or seeking a high-capacity CO2 air pistol, this Sig Sauer creation is sure to deliver hours of plinking fun and a genuine shooting experience.


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