Barra Schofield Black Revolver: - For Uninterrupted Fun!

There are 2 forms of air guns, the air rifle with an air pistol. Both of these projects their abilities due to the utilization of air, although air is compressed depending upon the model. Historically air guns were used for hunting, but today gunners also enjoy target practicing with these guns. Different arrays of pressures can be achieved using these guns and it can be up to 800 PSI, which is an incredible feature. Today in modern times we are limited to low pressure due to legal, safety, and health factors. In India, you can have a Barra Schofield revolver without a license since it's .177 air gun less than 20 joules. One air gun which you can have is the Barra Schofield CO2 revolver a replica of Schofield No. 3 which was designed by Major George W. Schofield who was an Army Ordnance Office in the 10th Century.

CO2 Air Guns

Nowadays you can easily buy air guns online and you also have options from low to high. Barra Schofield Black gun is popular among air gunners and today you can also have a short barrel version (5-inch barrel instead of heavy 7-inch barrel. Long barrel is also available. This gun is driven by CO2 which is stored in the caplets, canisters, or storage containers. These containers are attached to the gun. The small size caplet can give 50-80 shots before you need to refill it. The larger storage canister will be able to give approximately 300-400 shots. This means you enjoy fun continuously firing. There is no need to recharge the gun again and again. 

Barra Schofield Black CO2 Revolver

Barra Schofield revolver belongs to soldiers, gunners, and hunters and it is a legendary gun that a gunner must-have. It has a comfortable and solid design. It is loaded with a wide array of features for long-term fun. You can also use it for security purposes. Once a 10th-century gun, today it is a multi-purpose air gun.


Talking about its design Barra Schofield CO2 revolver is having full metal receiver with a faux polymer wood grip. The design is as it was in the 10th century. It has its authentic single-action hammer look. You will get 6 round cylinders with an ejector rod and its gunmetal is grey. It has 6 realistic cartridges which are available separately for buying. If you are interested in this product then you must first know its function which you can check out here

More details

  • Barrel length 7inch
  • Overall length 12.5 inch
  • Caliber 0.177
  • Rear sight fixed
  • Front sight blade
  • Shot capacity repeater
  • Stock wooden
  • Maximum velocity 445 fps
  • Barrel style smooth bore
  • Overall length 12. 5 inch
  • Safety manual
  • Weight 2.4 lbs.
  • Power plant CO2

It is available in a black finish which is the most popular choice of gunners. It uses individually loaded cartridges which means more fun and the shooting experience is also real. You can also go for aftermarket upgrades to make it more real such as changing its faux wood with faux ivory.

Where to buy it?

If you wish to be close to the original firearm feel then the Schofield CO2 revolver is a must-have and in India, you can buy authentic firearms from Here you can buy this gun for INR 52,000 and will be shipped within 4-15 days anywhere in India.