Beretta M84fs Co2 Bb Air Pistol: - The Most Accurate Pistol Gun Of 2022

Beretta M84fs Co2 Bb Air Pistol: -
The Most Accurate Pistol Gun Of 2022

There are millions of people in India who love to target practice. In fact, it is a great sport but to hone your skills you will need the right air gun in the range or one of your own. If you are looking state-of-art pistol to practice shooting then Beretta M84fs Co2 Bb Air Pistol is the right pistol for you. It is beautiful, realistic, shoots nicely, and is not that heavy and you can buy it with ease only at air soft gun India at the most reasonable price. This gun is a replica of Bretta model no 84 FPS and comes from your favorite brand Beretta. This Umarex has never disappointed its customers. This gun is worth your time so check out its specifications and features below.

Technical details of Beretta M84fs Co2 Bb Air Pistol

It has all the features that a fine quality real arm has. Holding it you will feel the power as it is easy to operate and handle. It is a full metal rugged gun with a removable magazine with 17 4.5 mm BBs and a twelve-gram CO2 capsule. New shooters are going to love their training with it. It is having powerful blowback effect and a legit impression like a real gun. When you buy Beretta M84fs Co2 Bb Air Pistol from Airsoft Gun India you don’t have to worry about any license but ID proof is much required. Best ones in India work by the rules giving customers easy access to their favorite BB guns.

Its technical details include

  • Its material is completely metal
  • The caliber of the gun is 4.5 mm/.177
  • Velocity  is 360 FPS
  • It holds the capacity of 17 rounds
  • The weight of the gun is 0.630 g
  • It has a blowback feature
  • A semi-automatic pistol
  • Talking about action Single
  • It has a smooth Bore barrel
  • The rear and fixed front sight
  • The power plant is 12 g CO1
  • Grip is Ambidextrous

This air pistol is having all the features that both professionals and trainees would like to have in their air gun. It is a semiautomatic gun that gives a ton of fun. According to the manufacturer, there is just one difference between Beretta M84fs Co2 Bb Air Pistol and the real gun and that is the ammo used. There is no difference otherwise and this is what every shooter loves to have and that is realism while holding a gun. This gun is perfect for fun shooting and plinking.

What do users have to say?

The majority of the customers who bought Beretta M84fs Co2 Bb Air Pistol love the realistic appeal of the gun. One can check its review at -

The air components and loading mechanism are present within the magazine which is different from other air guns available on the market. It is easy to lock the trigger keeping the gun safe. Another great thing about it is the quality as it comes from a well-known brand that is trusted all over. It gives a ton of fun while you are target practicing. It is similar to handling a real gun. There are no jamming issues, which make it the best gun to deal with while practicing.

Where to buy it?

Airsoft Gun India is the most trusted place to buy the best national and international air guns in India.  It is easy to buy with no licensing required. Just show your ID proof and your air gun will be delivered right to your doorstep.

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