Beretta Style Crosman CM9B Mako CO2 BB Pistol

Beretta Style Crosman CM9B Mako CO2 BB Pistol

Many people like to go for shooting targets. They can only add fun to their shooting experience when they have the right gun with them. Are you seeking to have a great time while plinking soda cans in the backyard or shooting targets? Crosman Mako is the right thing to go with. When you opt for a Beretta Style Crosman CM9B Mako, it will be going to add an interesting experience to your shooting time. But before buying it, make sure you go through its review at 

What is Beretta Style Crosman CM9B Mako in detail?

Powered by a single 12 g CO2 cartridge, this CO2 air pistol has a 20rd BB magazine. Its BB magazine introduces its BB payload at speeds up to 425fps. This air pistol is going to provide realism to the semi-auto fire. It will give you a realistic blowback action because of the full-metal slide of this gun. Beretta Style Crosman CM9B Mako also comes with fixed fiber optic sights, which make sure to provide quick sighting of targets. Another interesting thing about Beretta Style Crosman CM9B Mako is that it has a built-in Weaver or Picatinny accessory rail, which lets you mount a laser sight or flashlight. This way, it will be having added tactical precision.

So, if you are interested in having an affordable semi-auto action, then don’t waste, just look for a place to order Beretta Style Crosman CM9B Mako. Make sure to keep in mind that it is a Single Shot BB Pistol. With its semi-automatic repeater feature, it will be going to fire a shot whenever a shooter pulls the trigger. Features of Beretta Style Crosman CM9B Mako are mentioned below:

  • Blowback
  • 20rd BB Magazine
  • Semiauto
  • Fiber optic sights
  • Polymer frame with textured grips
  • CO2
  • Silver metal slide
  • 4.5mm Steel BBs
  • Metal and polymer build

Why Beretta Style Crosman CM9B Mako is the best option?

There are many reasons why you should buy Beretta Style Crosman CM9B Mako.

  • As it is a double action-based gun, its trigger pull is a little bit heavy
  • It is fairly smooth
  • It gives decent action shooting
  • Its blowback action is snappy with a light spring
  • It has enough solid built that gives a strong feeling in the hand

The best part about Beretta Style Crosman CM9B Mako is that it offers working parts such as the magazine release and slide catch release. Since it is a blowback air gun, it does have that funny inner barrel. This barrel pops out of the front whenever a trigger is pulled. The parts such as the slide safety are molded into the slider. Its hammer is just for show.


  • Comparatively inexpensive
  • Its multitoned color scheme looks great
  • High FPS rating
  • The CO2 tab is hidden better in the grip under the magazine
  • Easy to see fiber optic sights on both the rear and front
  • Equipped with a pleasing tactic look to it
  • Jagged grips for a solid hold
  • Suitable for larger hands
  • An exciting decent blowback action

Are there any drawbacks? 

  • Its slide action feels clank
  • Hammer is available only for show
  • No single action shooting ability because of hammer
  • Grips are large
  • Not ideal for smaller hands

How to order? 

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