Buy UmarexGlock 17 4.5mm Gen 5 Air Pistol At Airsoft Gun India

The UmarexGlock 17 Gen 5 is a revolutionary design that looks so attractive, making this pistol the most popular. This air gun india modular backstrap design will let you instantly customize its grip as users can easily adapt its grip. The basic difference between the Gen 4 and Gen 5 air pistol is not only its filed strippable since its base plate of the magazine really has a faster drop magazine.

Glock 17 4.5mm is a BB action pistol having a "drop free co2 magazine" powered by a 12-gram co2 magazine. Its magazine is designed to hold 18 shot .177 steel bbs and fire at 125 meters, making it perfect for plinking and target shooting.

Besides, this air gun india has been using by the British army throughout the world. It is an amazing replica with the original markings and a magazine for 4.5 mm BBs. Users will also find interchangeable backstraps, which permit them to customize it as per their requirements.

Further, this replica by Umarex is a fully licensed by Glock which is a semi-automatic, CO2 powered, polymer frame, drop out the magazine, metal top slide, and 4.5mm steel BB firing air pistol along with having authentic markings. Users can also buy CO2 capsules and steel/copper BB's with this product.

Technical features of UmarexGlock 17 Gen 5 4.5mm air pistol gun in India

  • Caliber 4,5 mm (.177) Steel BB
  • Magazine capacity 18 shot(s)
  • Velocity 100 m/s
  • Length 187 mm
  • Weight 675 g
  • Barrel length of 103 mm
  • Colour black
  • System / Power Source CO2 / 12 g CO2 capsule
  • Velocity up to 100 m/s
  • Sights fixed front and rear
  • Trigger Double Action
  • Safety manual
  • The dangerous area up to 275 m
  • Caliber / Ammo 4,5 mm (.177) Steel-BBs
  • Capacity 18 rounds (BBs)
  • Energy < 2 J

Functionality: When I considered its functionality, I gave 10/10 for its shooting experience. Not even a single malfunction during the shooting was missed for the first time. When I tried for the second time, the last magazine on each cartridge resulted in double feeds and even failure for once only. Otherwise, this UmarexGlock 17 air gun india is a great training tool. Its recoil is enough to assist you train to shoot in rhythm with your real air gun. The controls, operations, ergonomics, and takedown process are fabulous. Thus, to learn shooting or just for plinking, Umarex is the best in all.

Value for money: If I am offered to give output to this piece of Umarex 4.5mm, I will be given 100/100 as it is a worthy piece and really recommended to buy it if you are willing to shot with the Umarex 17.

Appearance: The overall good of this air gun is amazing. The frame's surface is designed with the Gen 5 rough textured technology giving it an awesome look. Its new Glock dual recoil spring assembly substantially hikes up the life of its system.

How to buy Umrax 4.5mm imported gun in India?

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