Crosman PFM520 Night Stalker CO2 Blowback BB Air Pistol By Airsoft Gun India

Crosman PFM520 Night Stalker CO2 Blowback BB Air Pistol By Airsoft Gun India


Are you, by any stretch of the imagination, planning to buy an airsoft pistol? If your answer is yes, then, of course, it is a great decision. If you purchase an airsoft gun, it will bring to you immense satisfaction and pleasure over the next many years. No matter what you use the gun for, whether for target practice or other reasons, it will bring a lot of happiness to you. You can also look at it as a challenge to improve your target hitting practice. Airsoft guns are mostly used for pleasure and recreational shooting, target practice as we said before, or while joining in on any competition. One of the most famous, if not the most famous, airsoft guns is Crosman PFM520 NightStalker CO2 Blowback Air Pistol By Airsoft Gun India. You get the feel as if you are using a real gun.

crosman pfm night stalker


More about the Gun

        Crosman PFM520 Night Stalker CO2 Blowback Air Pistol By Airsoft Gun India is a carbon BB Pistol. This superb pistol manufactured by Crossman is the option for you in case you wish to make a great collection of pistols, revolvers, and guns. This awesome item is manufactured using solid metal. It is a great fit on your hands and will enjoy holding it while you are target shooting or taking part in some kind of airgun-related sport. The Night Stalker pistol is a full-metal, blowback-action repeater with an 18-round drop-free magazine. It shoots steel BBs downrange at up to 420 fps and is powered by 12-gram CO2 cartridges. At 420 fps, it is some serious speed! Fill up the magazine to the fullest and start practicing your aim on cans and bottles.

         The Night Stalker is an excellent firearms trainer due to its realistic blowback slide and stiff recoil. This airsoft pistol brought to us by Airsoft gun india with integrated laser is a solid, value for money choice if you're in search of a well-built, CO2 BB pistol for plinking, fun, and at-home training or target practice. This air gun is user-friendly, and almost anybody can learn to use it very quickly after watching the demonstration.

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Velocity - 420 fps
Overall length - 7 inches
Function - repeater
Safety - manual
Calibre - 4.5 mm
Loudness - 4 medium high
Barrel Length - 4.5 inches
Shot Capacity - 18
Barrel - Smooth bore
Front Sight - Blade
Rear sight - Fixed
Action - Semi-Automatic
Ammunition - 5.1 gr
Powerplant - CO2
Body type - pistol
Weight - 1.6 lbs

corsman night stalker



It has integrated adjustable red laser sight.
The construction is entirely metal and gives it an extremely sturdy built.
It has fixed front and rear sights.
The safety type of this gun is manual.
The gun comes with batteries included.
The total length of the gun is 7 inches. That makes it quite a big gun.
Its barrel length is 4.5 inches.
Higher Durability - The all-metal finishing makes it a strong, sturdy, and durable air pistol. It uses a 12-gram Co2 cartridge as the power source.

The pros and cons of the gun: 

● It is a fun gun and is recommended for use in plinking, target shooting, and other entertainment activities.
● It feels like a real gun in our hands.
● The integrated and adjustable red laser light.

● It gets loose at the grip after multiple firing. That leaves a bad feeling in the hand. ● The assembling process can be troublesome for those who are absolutely new to air pistols/revolvers.

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