CZ P07 Duty Dual Tone Review: Owning An Amazing Air Gun

 CZ P07 Duty Dual Tone review: Owning an amazing Air Gun

You may consider the CZ P07 Black Suppressor-Ready being the updated sibling to the polymer of the classic CZ 75. This handgun comes pretty close to the CZ 75’s grip ergonomics, being the aficionados that are often cited as the grip angle of CZ 75, and it is the best.

While maintaining the platform of the legendary CZ 75, the P-07 Black has several contemporary touches. The frame is upgraded with a railed dust cover for mounting the accessories like the lasers and lights, for instance. Let us now take a closer look.

Shooting the CZ P-07 Black
We were prepared completely in terms of muzzling the flip while we shot the P-07 with the given polymer frame. When we racked up the slide for sending the first-round home noticing that there was a bit of slide to grab onto this handgun. And as you know it has an 8-round flip magazine so in total we got a 16-round air pistol.


The light polymer frame would also appear to come from the fact that the barrel rides lower on the frame due to its typical CZ fashion with the slide that rides within the channels in the frame, and this slide is quite shallow with the diminished muzzle flip with this. Aim your target easily with an air pistol.

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Components and Features: 
Above the frame, there is a small slide. The habit of designing the CA is the slide channel into the frame instead of being at the interior of the slide as the slide is riding in the frame instead of atop it. 
The CZ P07 Black has dedicated, short slide rails that are recessed into the polymer frame found on most of the pistols, unlike the Sphinx pistol, as the complete frame is not a slide channel surface.
The sights are dotted at 3. 

The rear sight is dovetailed while the front sight recesses into the frame. There is also a smaller shelf in the front, allowing the possibility of one-handed slide racking. 
It should be a much larger flat surface here. The CZ P07 Black comes with a sufficient Picatinny rail to mount on the laser and light even though it is a compact pistol.
The CZ P07 Black comes with a decocker with levers on either side of the frame as they are hammer fields. It can be swapped out for the safety lever being one of the interesting customizations with the decocker. 

This pistol comes with three backstraps allowing you to select the one that fits the best in your hand. Compared to the Glock pistol, the CZ P07 Black comes with a grip contour that is more comfortable and more ergonomic. A great job has been done by the CZ model.
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CZ P07 Black is the best option in the market for DA/SA polymer. It is quite durable, accurate as well as comfortable. It also lags behind the other common options to carry while it arrives at the size and weight.


  • Reliable.
  • Very accurate.
  • As near-perfect ergonomics as possible.
  • Affordable.
  • Good looking. Gorgeous, blowback in fact.
  • Durable.
  • Well supported.


  • A bit heavy to some people
  • hammer-fired action

Where to buy CZ P07, Duty Air Pistol?

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