How To Get A Licence To Use The Gun In India?

Getting a gun licence in India is the somehow complicated task. It comes under the Arms Act of 1959. In India, mostly those people are supposed to use gun having a major threat towards their life.

Or this, the person has to prove that he is under a threat and this is possible only if FIR has shown.

Steps to get the licence: 

As already said, there are numerous steps required to fulfil before getting a gun licence. Let’s have a look at these:

  • The first significant task is to post an application. One can get the form from the district superintendent of the police of the precise state it is in.
  • After getting the application for a gun licence, the police will take a look at if there are any beyond facts of any sort of crook interest and they may additionally check if the address given is accurate or now not.
  • There are a number of records accrued about the person that desires to get a gun licence, which additionally consists of asking the people within the surrounding or community if they see any kind of hostile treatment or if they have seen the individual getting involved in fights because of anger.
  • After this, the next step would be to decide if the person is mentally or physically unwell or not, the DCP does a face to face interview of the person who wants to obtain the gun license.
  • During the interview process, the main query is- why do you need a gun licence? For this, the word “Self-defence” is highly appreciated. It clears the answer why you need a gun. One can ask for a gun license if he needs a protection from the jungle animals as well.
  • Once done an interview, the DCP sends the reports to each the crime branch and the countrywide crime record bureau regarding the intention of the person willing to take a gun.

If all these steps are fulfilled and the DCP is satisfied with the relevant information, a civilian can get a gun license after this.

If selected in the interview in terms of positive intention, it takes around two months of waiting time for the gun to be received to the patron and in some cases, it could go up to three or four months primarily based on the producing gadget of a specific manufacturing unit. In any circumstance, someone wants to renew the gun license, there is a renewal form to be had for them.

In the renewal form, the patron is obligated to supply the weapon with the gun license, alongside all of the other documents which they’d already attested at the time of having their gun license.

Now, after getting the gun license, the customer obviously have to contact the dealer for the procurement of the gun.

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