Kavach Smart Holster Fingerprint Gun Holster In India For IOF .32 Revolver By Airsoft Gun India

Kavach Smart Holster Fingerprint Gun Holster In India For IOF .32 Revolver By Airsoft Gun India

A device that contains or inhibits the unwanted movement of a handgun is known as a handgun holster. It is usually kept in a place from where it can be easily drawn down for instant use. The Holsters are mostly attached to a belt or to a waistband, but they can also be tethered to other parts of the body (e.g., the ankle holster). The extent to which a holster safeguards or helps protect a firearm differ. To protect the gun from the elements(rain, heat, etc), some holsters have a cover over the top. It also can be clipped to some other parts of the body but the waist area is the most popular. If you own a licensed IOF .32 revolver and you are planning to buy a holster for it, airsoft gun India is your choice. It has brought for you the ultra-modern revolver holster for your gun. The Kavach Smart Holster Fingerprint Gun Holster is one of its only kind made in India. It has all the modern features that the latest technology can bring for you and it is at par with all the top revolver holsters in the world.

kavach smart holster

More about the Kavach Smart Holster Fingerprint Gun Holster

Kavach, the holster, has a biometrically opened lock. A firearm cannot be removed from a Kavach holster without first opening the lock with the owner's fingerprint impression. KAVACH is the country's first intelligent technology for securing small arms. It employs fingerprint technology to limit weapon access to only the authorized user, making weapon use secure and safe. It is a holster that is supposed to be attached to the waist and comes with a waist clip.

Sri Hans Energy System Private Limited in Kanpur developed the device, aptly named 'Kavach.' Smart holster from Kavach Fingerprint Gun Holster for IOF.32 Revolver in India Airsoft gun India is the supplier. It is for the .32 revolvers produced by the Indian Ordinance factories. To see all the details and manipulation of the gun holster you can go to the youtube video produced by Airsoft gun India. ----->"

The user manual which comes with the holster contains all the instructions in detail. Airsoft India has launched this product only for the IOF .32 revolvers. They have not yet launched a product for the pistols and other guns. So, purchase this only if you own a licensed IOF .32 revolver. It won't work on other products.

kavach smart holster


Material of the holster - it is built with metal.
weight - this holster has a weight of 350 gms.
Warranty - 1 year.
Packaged in - a box
Length - it is 24 cm in length.
Width - it is 12 cm wide.

* fingerprint access system. That means without the owner's fingerprint you cannot remove the gun from the holster. In that way, it is secured against misuse, theft or any other mishap.
*USB charging - It can be charged with USB points only.
*Highly Durable Material - It is built in an extremely sturdy manner, the material is full proof against breakage, cracks, rough handling etc.
*Fast Charging - It charges quite fast. Once it has been completely charged, it can be operated for up to two or three months without any charging.
*LED Indicators: It has multi-coloured LED indicators to describe the various activities performed by the holster.
*Fast Access: Once finger ID has been done, the gun can be removed in seconds from the holster.
*It has an extremely long-lasting and durable battery.
*It can store up to five fingerprint data.

Pros and Cons:

*Unique fingerprint access restricts misuse of the firearm.
*The holster is extremely durable and can handle rough use.
*It is a bit expensive.

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