The Importance Of Proper Gun Storage | CUSTOMIZED Gun Boxes By Airsoft Gun India

The Importance of Proper Gun Storage | CUSTOMIZED Gun boxes by Airsoft Gun India 

  • The primary purpose of these storage boxes is to prevent unauthorized access. All gun cases, especially metal ones, can be effective in preventing unauthorized access to an Air gun.
  • Gun boxes are made to keep air guns secure and safe Away from children 

  • If you have a co2 Air pistol and Air gun you should definitely invest in these CUSTOMIZED gun boxes by Airsoft gun India these gun cases are made especially for guns and there are separate places to store co2, bb, and pellet 
  • These gun boxes are designed by airsoft gun India and have foam padding inside to prevent the gun from dust and moisture it also reduces the scratches 



  • A good gun case will enhance the life of your gun and keep your gun new for years 
  • Also, it looks classy and luxurious you can definitely judge with the pictures 

Technical Specifications: -

  1. Sturdy case with aluminum plating
  2. Latches are available on both front ends for safety
  3. Foam padded inner base structure available for various models
  4. Lining outer structure with a protective built mechanism
  5. Firm Steel Edges for corners
  6. Metal handle for easy carrying 
  7. 4 side Rubber base on one side to keep it steady at a position
  8. Enough space for storing Co2 Cylinders pack, BB Tin, and Pellgun oil along with the Gun.

Get an overview look over some of these cases below from our Video-


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