The Legends S25 Co2 Pellet Air Revolver By Airsoft Gun India

The Legends S25 Co2 Pellet Air Revolver By Airsoft Gun India.


Do you plan to purchase an air revolver very soon? If your answer is yes, then, of course, it is a great decision. If you purchase an airsoft gun, it will bring to you immense satisfaction and pleasure over the next many years. It will bring a lot of happiness to you. You can challenge yourself to improve your target hitting. Airsoft guns are mostly used for Sports shooting, target practice as we said before, or while joining in any airsoft gun competition. There are quite a few airsoft gun tournaments held throughout the year. One of the most famous airsoft guns is the Legends S25 2.5 Inch Pellet Revolver .177 Calibre By Airsoft Gun India. You totally get the feel the joy of having it in your hand.

More about the Gun: 

Legends S25 2.5 Inch Pellet Revolver .177 Caliber is a pellet revolver. This awesome soft revolver manufactured by Umarex is the option for you in case you wish to create a great collection of air pistols and air revolvers. This awesome item is manufactured using solid metal with a beautiful nickel-plated finishing touch. The 6 round cylinder looks uncannily realistic. It is a great fit on your hands and will enjoy holding it while you are target shooting or taking part in some kind of airgun-related sport. The recoil mechanism while firing the gun imparts a great sensation of reality to it. This air revolver is user-friendly, and almost anybody can learn to use it very quickly after watching the demonstration.

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Caliber - Its caliber is 4.5 mm.
Maximum velocity - 344 fps speed.
Safety - sliding safety
Magazine capacity - it is 6 shots
Energy < 3 joules
Barrel Length - 2.5"inch
Overall length - 210 mm
Weight - it weighs 855 gms.
Power source - 1 x 12 g CO2.
Barrel - Rifled barrel
Front sight - fixed
Rear sight - adjustable
Trigger Action - Double action and Single action
Material - Metal

Features -
* It has a sliding safety system.
* The rifled barrel lends a greater accuracy.
* Each shell must be loaded with a pellet and then loaded into the gun's given cylinder.
* You should get yourself this revolver if you enjoy snubbies. It is extremely realistic and can fool anybody for a real gun.

* Powerful air revolver - The 344 fps speed and an almost 30 j energy make it a powerful gun.
* Realistic Feel - The 6 rounds of firing range and the recoil action gives the user the feeling that he/she is holding a real revolver.

The pros and cons: 

It is a fun gun and is recommended for use in plinking, target shooting, and other entertainment activities.
It feels like a real gun in our hands.
Offers satisfaction and relaxation after usage. One gets the simulated feeling of using a real revolver.

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