Visiting Rules And Requirements

Visiting Rules and Requirements.

1. Visitor Information:
   - Name: Provide your full name for record-keeping purposes.
   - Contact: Furnish a valid contact number for communication purposes.

2. Identification Proof:
   - Visitors are required to present a valid government-issued ID proof before arrival.
   - Acceptable forms of ID include an Aadhar card or Driving Licence.
   - No Entry Without ID Proof.

3. Pre-Visit Information Sharing:
   - Prior Notification: Share the necessary information mentioned above before your visit.
   - Communication is Key: To provide the best service, we value your cooperation. Ensure all required information is shared in advance.

4. Visiting Hours:
   - Our facility is open for visits from Monday to Saturday.
   - Visiting hours are from 11 am to 5 pm.

5. Selection Of Specific Models:
   - Our facility is not an open display shop so there won't be all the models presented at your display.
   - We recommend you Kindly confirm the Specific or required maximum of 2-3 Models for Having a look and buying it.
   - This has to be done before Visiting.

6. Mutual Respect:
   - Adherence to Rules: Kindly adhere to the stated rules and requirements.
   - Value Our Time: Respect the specified visiting hours for the smooth functioning of our operations.
   - Appreciate Cooperation: Cooperation in following the guidelines is appreciated to maintain a secure and efficient environment.

Note: Construction Caution:
   - Be cautious of ongoing construction activities and follow any safety instructions provided.

Thank you for Your Understanding:
   - We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this period of construction.
   - Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.